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Give a kick-start to your teaching passion by enrolling in the Master’s degree in Education, M.ED course in Ghaziabad. The course is a highly-respected as well as demanded post-graduate qualification, enabling you to specialize academically in education and teaching field. The course deals with the advanced study of education, including, counseling, mentoring, guidance, leadership, curriculum, and educational technology. To achieve a level of excellence in teaching industry, Srishti Academy strives to provide a world-class learning environment that helps students get the highest academic standards and prepares each learner of the institute to assume their responsibilities as an ideal mentor for coming future leaders

Objectives of M.ED Course Ghaziabad

• The course offers pass-out post-grads an excellent career prospect in terms of advancement of knowledge as well as leading a stable and respected lifestyle.

• Prepare the learners to inquire into the teaching technicalities and complications and ultimately make them ideal teachers.

• Enable the learners to develop a high level of dedication and motivation towards the teaching profession.

• Opting M.ED regular course Ghaziabad will encourage the students to consolidate their understanding of educational issues with in-depth professional and academic research.

• Set a high level of professionalism, competency, and integrity into the thought process of learners.

• Offer quality education that assists the learners in meeting their professional and educational goals.

• Engage the interest of learners with debates, relevant concepts, and issues in the area of their chosen subject.
Mandatory Requirement for M.ED Course

In order to study this post-graduation degree- applicant must hold a bachelor degree of education (B. ED) or a qualification at an equivalent level from a recognized college/university.

Job Opportunities

Holding a degree in Masters Of Education opens up ample of career-making opportunities in the field of teaching and education that you will cherish for a lifetime. A post graduate in M.ED can find promising jobs in different education sectors like education consultancies, publishing houses, schools, colleges, coaching centers, research and development agencies, and so on for different post viz teachers, counselors, administrators, etc.

Wait no more! This is the best you can do for your own career. Enroll for it now!

Masters of Education – M.Ed


This programme helps an individual to develop and enhance skills and thus helps in building foundation for higher studies and gaining proficiency over the subject. The program offered in English & Hindi medium both.

Eligibility : Graduate

Minimum Duration : 2 year

Maximum Duration : 4 years